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3 tools to use to promote a business Instagram page in 2022: short guide for beginners

Times are passing, trends are changing – today, what was ideal for page promotion even 2 years ago no longer works on Instagram. This social network is changing faster than everyone else: and if you decide to start developing your business page here and now, you will first need to acquire a certain amount of knowledge about how this development should take place in order to bring good results.

In this article we will be speaking about three major tools: a possibility to buy Instagram followers in terms of building a base for the further promotion, PR from bloggers (there are two types of it) and a targeted ad. All of these are essential and work best when applied together, but it is only up to you to decide which ones you’re going to use, and which ones you’re going to postpone. 

Why purchase subscribers, can’t you gain them by yourself? 

You can talk endlessly about the advantages of being able to purchase a paid service for page promotion: firstly, you get good guarantees that the results will really be. Secondly, everything happens much faster than if you acted on your own – you free up a huge amount of time for generating content and communicating with the audience, and this is exactly the key to true success. Thirdly, you can combine paid services as you like, the only thing worth watching is that you buy real Instagram followers, and not fakes or bots – in this case you risk harming your statistics.

Paid subs should be real people who visit Instagram every day and really subscribe to you, maybe even like or leave a comment if your content is interesting enough.

How to get PR from bloggers? 

To begin with, it’s worth understanding that you can use both free advertising and paid advertising. Free advertising should be sought from bloggers who, just like you, have not yet managed to reach great heights in the development of the profile – with them you can literally “exchange” the audience by telling each other about each other on each other’s pages. This works great, and considering that you already have a pool of purchased subscribers, you can count on any blogger of your size to agree to advertise you in their profile.

If you want great results, contact the giants for advertising, but keep in mind – it will definitely be paid. Big bloggers have quite certain prices for their services, and if you want a huge number of interested people to see your content, choose a blogger from your niche and get ready to pay them money. Nevertheless, this way you will definitely protect yourself from a failure or a short-term influx of subscribers: normally, such a blogger should provide you with statistics in advance about how many subscribers from them can come to you as a result of such advertising.

When to set a targeted ad? 

Obviously enough, at the very end. Targeted advertising is quite expensive and lasts quite a long time, so you need to be sure that it will bring you 100% results. To do this, before launching it, it is necessary to form a database – we have described how to do this in the previous paragraphs. Follow our advice and you will see the results in the shortest possible time!

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