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Kaylee Stoermar Coleman: Bio, Age, Physic, Family, Creer, Education, And Networth

who is Kaylee Stoermar Coleman?

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the younger sister of famous Hollywood Actress and singer Zandeya Stoermer Coleman. She is the youngest of all her siblings and got the immense care and support of her family. She gained extensive popularity at an early age for being a celebrity sister. Currently, the central pillar behind her fame is her elder sister Zendaya. a world-class actress famous for her role in Spiderman and various other shows. is often seen with her celebrity sister Zendaya at various award shows. 

Kaylee Stoermar Coleman Age

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman was born on the 4th of October, 2003, and is currently 19 years old. Her nationality is American, and her birthplace is Oakland. California. U.S.A. She is of mixed African-American and Swedish ethnicity and is currently residing in Oakland. California. She follows Christianity as a religion.

What Is the Physical Appearance Of Kaylee Stoermar

As per her Physical appearance considered, She is 5ft and 1 inch tall and weighs 47 kg, i.e., 104 pounds. The younger celebrity sister has quite an attractive personality. She has dark-brown eye color while her hair color is black.

Family Background Of Kaylee Stoermar

She is the youngest one among all her family members. Her father, Kazembe Ajumu Coleman, an African- American descent, is an elementary school teacher. According to some sources, he has also worked as the manager of her step-sister Zendaya. Details about Kaylee’s birth mother are unknown. and her step Mother is Claire Stoermer. who is of German and Scottish ancestry; she was also an elementary school teacher but now owns a hand-crafted jewelry business known as Kizzmat Jewelry. Her parents love her very much.

Famous American celebrity Zendaya Mayree is her oldest step-sister. well-known for her contributions to various Movies and shows. She has five siblings, excluding her. She has four biological siblings: Austin Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, and Annabella Stoermer Coleman. and Julien Stoermer Coleman. 

Kaylee Stoermar Coleman Education 

There yet to be any official information released to date about her educational qualification as she wants to keep it private. But, we can say that by looking at her age, we cannot confirm whether she is in school or completing college studies. Any of the two might be correct, but they have yet to guarantee.

Kaylee Stoermar Coleman Professional Career

She has yet to start her professional career, or if she has created one, no further valid information is available. kaylee stoermer coleman alter is very talented and intelligent in her studies, But at this point. we cannot say anything about her career direction and professional experience. She will get inspiration from her elder siblings in her career. 

Kaylee Stoermar Coleman Relationship Status

As per her relationship status concerned. she is currently single and not in a dating relationship with anyone, according to sources. She is focussing on her studies now rather than on dating anyone. Also, there are no rumors about her relationship status or dating history, so we can say that she is single now.

Kaylee Stoermar Coleman Awards and Achievements

She hasn’t received any award or recognization for her work till now. As her professional carrier is also not sure or confidential people, we can not say much about the recognition she got. But, she can see many times in various award shows with her celebrity sister, Zendaya. She seen at Micheal Jackson’s Album Halloween takeover at Chines Theaters of TCL. After the incident, she is counted as one of America’s most recognized celebrity siblings. She is gaining massive popularity among media after featuring her sister and sharing the same red carpet.

Social Media

Despite having kaylee stoermer coleman instagram Social Media handles, she can sometimes see posing with her step-sister. Currently, she has not revealed any of her social media accounts. She maintains her life and is living a quiet yet peaceful life. Her sister is also very concerned about her privacy. and few details about the celebrity sister have been known. Most of the details about her are private till now. Even Zendaya has never revealed any personal information about her in an interview.

Net Worth of Zendaya kaylee stoermer coleman

She must have an excellent net worth being a family member of a world-class celebrity. but the exact number has yet to be discovered to the public. Confirmed details are kept private. But as her intelligence and hard work in her studies concerned. she will earn quite a good amount of money in the future.


In conclusion. the celebrity sister lives a private life in Oakland, California, with her siblings and parents. She is on excellent terms with her parents and her siblings.

Here are some Asked Questions about Kaylee Stoermar Coleman

Is Kaylee Stoemar single?

There is no known information about her relationship status.

Is Kaylee Zendaya’s Step Sister?

Yes, Kaylee is Zendaya’s step-sister.

What is the Instagram username of Kaylee Stoermar?

No information about her Instagram account is available to the public.

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