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Netflix Shows to Watch If You Like Futuristic Sci-Fi Content

When it comes to TV shows and series, Netflix is one of the best movie, TV show, documentary, and docuseries streaming platforms. The streaming service comes with plenty of content for you to watch. While there are plenty of genres, for the past few years there has been a lot of hype about science fiction dystopian content. 

Well, when it comes to TV shows and series, we can assure you that Netflix has some of the very best science fiction content of its own to offer, and also has other famous science fiction shows. 

So, if you like watching science fiction shows and series, you can check out the list mentioned below and watch your favorites from the list. 

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Into the Night

Into the Night is an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic thriller drama that revolves around some people aboard a flight who just experience the sun killing everyone and everything in its path. The group of passengers travel at night and look for places to save themselves from the destructiveness of the sun. They face issues such as irradiated food, fuel shortage, secret agendas, and many more problems on their way to an underground military bunker.  

The One

The One is a science fiction crime drama on Netflix that revolves around Rebecca, the CEO of MatchDNA. MatchDNA is a company that can find people their perfect match based on their DNA samples. 

The OA

The OA is an American supernatural science fiction fantasy drama series that talks about the return of Prairie Johnson, a visually impaired adopted girl who had gone missing for seven years. After her return, Prairie calls herself the OA which is short for Original Angel. Another thing strange about her reappearance is that she can see, and has scars on her back.

Archive 81

Archive 81 is a mystery show on Netflix that discusses the mystery of damaged videotapes found by an archivist. The archivist finds out that the videotapes are about a mystery regarding a missing director who was documenting a mysterious cult. 

Lost in Space 

Lost in Space is a science fiction show that revolves around the Robinson family of space colonists, who due to unexpected circumstances crash-land on a strange planet. They must fight and escape the unknown planet as there are several dangerous hurdles surrounding them. 

If you wish to watch Lost in Space on Netflix, make sure that you connect to a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum. To learn about Spectrum internet’s specifications, plans and bundles, do check out this link.


Travelers is a science fiction show on Netflix that is set hundreds of years in the future. The last survivors of the human race “travelers” decide to take consciousness back to the 21st century. The same people secretly work on making the lives and future of humans better discreetly as they are about to go extinct. 

Humans might have a terrible future if they are not saved now, so the travelers—an FBI agent, a single mother, and a college student only with their knowledge of archives are on a mission to make the world better for humans. Little did they know, that the relationships in the 21st century are just as complicated as their mission. 

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a futuristic science fiction Netflix show that revolves around Takeshi Kovacs a former interstellar warrior called an Envoy who had been imprisoned for 250 years and brought back to life by being downloaded. He’s brought to the future he’d tried to stop, and he has a chance at life on a single condition. The condition is that he has to solve a murder in a world where death has become obsolete. 

The 100

The 100 is a dystopian show on Netflix that revolves around a hundred post-apocalyptic survivors from a space habitat, ‘the Ark’. The Juvenile delinquents return to the Earth after 97 years of a nuclear apocalypse. When they land on Earth from their spaceship, they check if the Earth is still habitable. 


Dark is a mysterious science fiction show on Netflix that discusses the events that go around the town when two kids go missing. As they start searching for the kids, the small German town’s sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and dysfunctional relationships between the four families. 

Well, the super twisted and mysterious drama has all characters interlinked, and whether they know it or not, every single character is connected in one way or another with the town’s troubled past. The story has supernatural elements that tie back to the same town in 1986. 


Sense8 is a science fiction show on Netflix that discusses 8 strangers from around the world who discover the power to connect telepathically. As soon as they learn to connect, it is not long before they realize that the gift comes with a price. The 8 start to look for answers to what happened and their curiosity increases, and as they look for answers, they are being chased by a mysterious organization that intends on destroying them. 

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a science fiction series on Netflix that has a different story in each episode. The stories are set far in a dystopian future with manipulative cutting-edge technology overpowering their humanness. Each episode has its own unique story about how futuristic technology is messing with a human’s life. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most popular and most liked science fiction fantasy shows on Netflix. The story revolves around a small town that faces strange happening after a young boy goes missing all of a sudden. The people of the town start discovering secrets about a government lab, fight sinister monsters, and find portals to another world. The missing boy Joyce’s mother desperately looks for him while the police chief looks for answers. 

Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots is an animated science fiction series on Netflix. Each episode has a different story and the episodes are short but they leave you in shock. Some stories are about a dystopian future, and some have fascinating storylines, but all have an ending that leaves the viewer in shock. The best part about this show is that the animation is top-class. 

To Wrap It Up

If you like science fiction content that is also futuristic and dystopian, you will love the list mentioned above. These shows have different sub-genres and will entertain you even if you are not into the typical science fiction content. So, add these shows to your list now, and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

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