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Simple Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking – November 2022

In this growing digital marketing era, if you want your website to be successful, you need to come in the top results of google searches. You need to know the keywords that the customers are looking for and add that to your website so that your google ranking improves automatically. 

The algorithm of google’s ranking always changes, and to maintain pace with the competitors, it is crucial to stay up to date. To improve the google ranking, you need good strategies that produce the desired results. You can hire Search Engine Optimization agencies to help you get the preferred strategies to beat the competitors. 

SEO Demands Simple Steps!

There are many local SEO agencies in Wilmington that will provide you with strategies that comply with Google’s guidelines, and you must follow all the instructions that Google provides. 

Here are some ways to Improve Your Google Ranking – November 2022

Attractive titles with good keywords

The average time spent on a website is 30 seconds, and no one will spend more than that to go through your content if they are not sure it is exactly what they are looking for. 

Hence using keyword-rich titles and descriptions must improve the website’s overall google ranking. The description tags should also be relevant to the keywords so that they find your content extremely helpful and relatable. 

Optimization for mobile devices

In today’s era, we look to our phones for even the tiniest information. Hence your website must be mobile-friendly. It is always preferable that you design a separate mobile version to be accessible to all users. 

You can hire a separate UX/UI team to ensure all the functionality worlds smoothly. You can also include zines where the users can directly contact the experts of your website to answer questions or receive feedback. 

Improve the loading speed of the website

No one likes to wait for the website to load. As mentioned earlier, the average time spent by a user on a website is seconds; if your website fails to give relevant information in that time frame, that will drastically drop your google ranking. 

You can use a content delivery network and optimize your images and videos to improve your website’s loading speed. Keep the potential customers from going away because of slow loading. 

Use social media 

Social media is the best place to promote your website; the easiest way to improve your ranking is to ask for likes, shares, and comments, which can greatly impact your website. 

You can also receive valuable feedback; hence you need to constantly be active on social media and share high-quality content daily to reach the customer’s liking. You can hire a local SEO agency in Wilmington to take care of your social media. 


You can easily improve the chance of being found by potential customers by following the above tips, thereby increasing your google ranking, boosting your sales, and growing your business. 

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