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Top 6 Ways You Can Use A Lanyard That You Didn’t Know

A lanyard is a tool that can keep your ID and other cards in one place. It is commonly used by students who carry their student ID cards to school. The purpose of lanyards is that the person wearing them can be easily identified with their identity card hanging around their waist or neck. Moreover, you will be fascinated to know how you can use them in various areas. 

6 Ways To Use A Lanyard Creatively 

While a lanyard is a simple and beneficial tool, you might need to learn how to use it. To better understand its purpose and work, here is a list of 6 ways it’s used, and you can use it too. 

To Access Restricted Areas 

Lanyards are helpful when you are in an office building, and there are restricted areas that people can open with a unique key. With the help of a lanyard, the special key will not be lost, and you can pass it to someone who needs to access that area. If it’s something like a tiny key, it can get lost or misplaced. But you can avoid it by using a lanyard. 

As Jewelry

A lanyard comes in more than just the form of straps. It can be made of metal, and beads can be put on top of these straps to decorate it. Once you have customized it according to your needs, you can wear it as jewelry. 

For Advertisement 

It is common for school students or office employees to wear them. While it may seem ordinary, these can be used efficiently for advertisement purposes. Printing its straps with the company or advertisement name is all needed. So wherever the child or the employee goes, the advertisement can be seen on the lanyard.

To Recognize A Person’s Position 

When you visit a hotel, reception hall, or any place where you aren’t aware of the surroundings, you can ask someone for help. While asking for help is a good idea, there’s no surety that you might find the right person for use. Here you can always look at the lanyards with which you would be able to tell the position of the employee working there and can reach out to the right person. 

As Souvenirs 

Decorative lanyards with various pictures of the surroundings or yourself can be used as souvenirs from a trip. Moreover, these accessories don’t always need to hold photographs or cards; they can also hold greetings or other small gifts. It is also easier to hang them and keep them safe. 

Hold Traveling Cards

In everyday life traveling in metros, buses, cars, and other vehicles are very common. Metros and buses are very common for traveling out of them, and people carry their cards for them. To ensure that the traveling cards don’t get misplaced or stolen in the crowd, using a lanyard to keep them close to yourself at all times is helpful.


There are various tools that, when you use them creatively, will save you trouble and money, making your life easier. One such tool is a lanyard, which helps keep the essential cards and utilities in place and can be easily found even when jumbled in a bag or box. You don’t even have to make the hassle of going outside to get it; you can order the one you like online. Once you have it, you can slowly start integrating it into your life to have more comfort and lessen the irritation of finding your cards all the time.

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