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YELLOW MESSANGER Raises 20M Series B By Lightspeed?

Conversational AI startup Yellow Messenger raises $20M Series B from Lightspeed

Blink is one of the companies with a mobile application of the same name for frontline workers to manage and arrange all their work-related services and data. Many companies interested in investing with new startup companies have several options for frontline workers. So, this Blink startup also gets some inventment of $20 million as Series A funding from the Nest47 company.

By evaluating the current state, Blink announced its funding value is about $100 million, and they are eager to use its capital to double down its company’s growth. London is the HQ of this company, and this company will be the best choice for people who work in the frontline in big cities and even in rural areas. The user-friendly interactive interface is the benefit of people using this application.

Details about the Blink application

Most people working in frontline jobs in the cities will be the customers of this application. Many companies are interested in investing in this application because of its needs in the modern town. The workers of metropolitan bus networks are the best example of using this network. More than 5000 bus drivers use this application to handle various work-related needs.

Similarly, 1000 clinical and non-clinical workers use this application to manage their pay slips, duty hours, shift rotations, holiday, overtime pay, and more. According to the company’s survey, a single person using the application opens and closes the app 13 times daily. So, these details will help the companies understand the apps’ abilities among people.

72% of the people using this app are impressed with its work and use it regularly for their daily routines. All these details are from the CEO of this company, Mr. Sean Nolan. With the available investments, they are planning to develop their application with several advancements that help their users have a better experience in their application.

Current status of the Blink company and application

The company plans to move its Headoffice to New York to manage all its American users. They also plan to utilize the global opportunity to provide service to more than 2.7 billion people working on the frontline and provide better service to their location. The current user count of the application is about 93,000, and the count is increasing gradually.

Most companies will have digital features for people working in software jobs and similar desk jobs. But, many companies are focusing on frontline workers and creating several digital solutions. So, these kinds of products will have demand in the market, and they also will have many different features for the users to make their work more simple and effective.

Blink is one of the popular productivity applications for frontline workers. It also provides several user-friendly interfaces that help people easily understand the application and use them effectively. Blink application aims to handle asynchronous activities and real-time information from the users, not make them look into the device for the entire day.

Features available with Blink

The Blink company created the application with more benefits and spent several years making the product a perfect option for their users. It has several features like in-house, Chat features, and several APIs. With the help of these features, the application will monitor the user and get data about the applications they use regularly.

After this process, it uses those details to help the users by fetching the data and documents directly with the application itself. Though several productivity apps are available for frontline workers, this Blink is famous among people from various countries. They also like to use all the features available with this application.


So, with all these details, people can know about the Blink company and the practical Blink application for frontline workers. People working in various frontline jobs can use this application to manage all kinds of work-related data and their documents that are necessary documents. 

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